Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The Power Of Social Media: What to do when you go Viral

I am very sure by now you must have seen the image above on one of your social media networks. If you have not then you are in luck because the original source of all those picture which is an instagram account with the handle name @Oluhyperclassical managed by the hyper realism oil painter Oresegun Olumide is the place to get it.
Olumide's story is very similar to that of Olajumoke the bread seller who picture went viral a few weeks back on social media after she mistakenly walked in the Ty Bello's photo shoot while hawking breads on the streets of Lagos.
Now what can we learn from this two stories...
Both of them got featured on CNN immediately they started trending. Olajumoke turned her life around after the trend with lots of endorsement and modelling jobs and all these came to a girl who could not construct a proper sentence not to talk of having a social media account. In Olumide's case his instagram account gave him the recognition. Aas at the time CNN interview the 35-year-old majored in Fine Art at the Yaba College of Technology he had  over 18.7k followers and counting on Instagram, as at the time of this article he had gotten to 105k followers.

1. Create the right online profile with a contact address: This might sound strange to you but Oresegun Olumide's account @oluhyperclassical has grown to 21.6k followers. He does not have signature or trademark of himself on his artwork and he does not have an official website or contact phone number on his profile to make it easy for clients to reach him and place order.
12 Hours After Going Viral
24 Hours After Going Viral

In the case of Olajumoke who can not manage her own instagram page because of her in ability to express her self effectively some one by name of @Fewmodels is handling the account for her.
One Month After Going Viral

2. Create a Biography of your self: Every successful person must have a back story, so take time to go through all the major events that has lead you to this point in your life. It should not be too detailed because a lot of the people requesting for your attention are more interested in what made you trend and how you made it to that level.
3. Prepare a speech/public statement: This might look like you are getting over your self but the truth is when you or your work goes viral bloggers, journalist, friends and even foes will come to hear what you have to say. You can instantly become an authority like in the case of Olajumoke the bread seller who is now a motivational speaker at seminars. 


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