Tuesday, 22 December 2015

See The TOP 15 Apps Diamond Bank’s CEO can’t Do Without

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Mobile apps are becoming more relevant and popular in this time and age; especially with the increase in the number of people with access to smartphones. Their ease of use and intuitiveness has led to their growing demand among the busy and successful.

To understand how these apps impact the lives of people who are at the helm of affairs, let’s take a peek into the life Uzoma Dozie, the CEO of Diamond Bank, one of Nigeria’s leading financial institutions. Here are some of his favorites across categories:

News and Entertainment 1-7352952958_a3938ae2ee

Wall Street Journal, Channels TV, DSTV and Spotify
News apps bring news right in your palm. A CEO needs to keep up with the current affairs and trends in order to have a deeper insight about the world at large. These apps make it easy to access important information anytime and anywhere.
Apart from the heavy duty stuff, apps such as Spotify help to unwind while on the go. Although its not available in Nigeria at the moment, it comes in handy while abroad.

Banking and Finance

Diamond Bank App 
Nigeria has seen an increase in the use of mobile banking apps. The Diamond Bank app is one of the leading apps in this segment. Besides the core banking facilities, it offers special services such as movie and travel ticket booking, airtime and internet recharge.
Another must-have finance app is Mint. It is a real find, as it does exactly what it says “Track, budget and manage your money on the go.” It keeps an eye on all of your spending and automatically categorizes your transactions in the background.

Social Media 

One cannot start the day without sneaking into what is trending on Twitter. The daily news and trends across the world are best expressed in 140 characters on Twitter. A useful app to catch up with the world.
LinkedIn app is a must-have for every CEO and working professional. It is a great tool for networking and keeping updated on the latest in the industry. 

Staying Fit

I’m passionate about running and Nike+Fuel app is very important for me. Other than measuring your movements, it turns the world into a gym. It connects you with other athletes, compete, compare and get rewarded for your movement. It helps you to get active and stay motivated.
UP turns raw data into your personal fitness advisor. The best feature about UP is its “gamification” of fitness, which lets you challenge friends or family to “duels.” It is a great way to connect with friends and have fun challenges like, “who can walk the most” in, say five days.
It is a calorie counter and exercise tracker. Hence, you will always watch what you eat. Their food database is enormous and you can find calorie intake for a particular beverage or food item. That way you can simply keep a track of foods you eat.

Hassle- Free Travel San Francisco, CA

It acts as a mobile repository for all travel plans. All you have to do is forward your travel confirmation emails to trips@worldmate.com, and the app takes care of the rest. It lets you search for local services and hotels, check weather forecasts and currency conversions. It sends itinerary in an easy-to-view layout. WorldMate also provides alerts regarding delayed flights, changed gates, and cancellations.
British Airways App
This app provides up to date information on the latest flight. Especially useful for my last minute change of schedule. You can also receive information about your flight’s gate status, with notifications. At select airports, one can scan boarding pass at security and boarding gates.


Lightroom mobile
This beautifully-designed app lets you experiment with images on the go. It comes packed with excellent editing tools and also lets you preview and capture images in real-time.
Replay is one of those unique apps that lets you turn your pictures into engaging videos. It is the easiest way to turn your still, photographed memories, into a vibrant, fun, musical and unique video. It’s a simple and intuitive app.
This article originally appeared on Uzoma Dozie’s Blog. Uzoma Dozie is a tech lover and the CEO, Diamond Bank Plc. Know more about him on www.uzomadozie.com.

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