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Knowing Your Limit On Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

We all love the social media network and all that it does for our businesses. But you might not be aware of some (or any) of the limits that are placed on some of these social networks. There are lot of them out there but for the benefit of relevance we will only concentrate on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. For a variety of reasons, like spammers and people who tend to abuse things for fun, caps have been placed on some social media networks. And to make sure you don’t get stuck unexpectedly, I’ve put together a list of all the limits on Instagram.


INSTAGRAM: There is a limit on the number of people you can follow on Instagram. According to Instagram, in order to “reduce spam”, they limit the number of people you can follow to 7500.
Not that many of us will follow that many people, but keep this in mind if you’re an active follower on Instagram.
Instagram will also limit how many people you can follow within a period of time. If you follow too many people within an hour, or even a day, you will receive a message telling you the limit has been reached. As far as I’ve been able to confirm, Instagram only allows you to follow/unfollow 60 people per hour.

FACEBOOK: On Facebook you are allowed to have just 5000 friends which is reasonable in my own opinion because there is no way you can have that much friends in real life. Once you reach the limit no one will be able to add you or become you friend anymore except you remove one person from your friends list and add them. Then as soon as it gets to its limit you start get friends as followers and you can have as many as possible.

TWITTER: On twitter once you go above 1,819 you can follow this number +10%. As soon as you reach that limit you will not be able to follow any more people so it is adviced to have more followers than following.


INSTAGRAM: There is a limit on the number of likes you can perform on Instagram. This limit is 350 likes per hour. Chances are, unless you’re using an automated tool or are highly active on Instagram, you won’t hit this limit.
But if you are this active, it is recommended that you keep the likes to less than 300 per hour to avoid getting locked up.
If you want to go back and look at the “likes” you’ve given, you can see your last 300 likes in Instagram.

FACEBOOK: If you are one of those people who feels you should “like” each page you are being shared, you will be soon disappointed.
You can “like” no more than 500 pages on Facebook – which means you should be really selective in your “liking” habits.
There isn't a limit for how many likes a Page can have. There is a limit of 5,000 friends for personal timelines though. If you have a business presence on Facebook, please make sure it's through a Page and not a Timeline so you'll have full access to all the benefits of a Page

TWITTER: On twitter you can only retweet a tweet just once but there is a feature on the laptop version that lets you like{heart} tweet and that you can do as many as you like to multiple tweets. 


INSTAGRAM: Personally, I’m glad this one exists! Yes, there is a hashtag limit on Instagram. You cannot post more than 30 hashtags per post. In my opinion, if you’re using this many, you’re using too many!

FACEBOOK:  No limit for hashtags on facebook as long as it fits in to the 63206 characters of a post.

TWITTER: No limit for hashtags on Twitter as long as it fits in to the 140


INSTAGRAM: Instagram username cannot exceed 30 characters.
Your Instagram bio cannot exceed 150 characters.
The limit for captions on the photo and subsequent comments caps at 2200 characters. As of recently, Instagram has also started cutting off comments (only those following the original caption) in the feed with a […] symbol. This just keeps the feeds shorter, but if you open the comments, you can read the full comments there. As far as I can tell, the comments get cut off give or take around 240 characters (they don’t cut off mid-word). But original captions are still displayed in their entirety.

FACEBOOK:  63206 Is what is allowed for facebook post at a time.

TWITTER: 140 is what you are allowed to type in to a tweet but there are recent reports online that twitter intends to scrap this limit.

More on Twitter

Type Limit Detail
Max Characters per tweet 140
Max Characters per direct message 10,000
Tweets 2,400 per day Spread across a 24 period. There are also separate limits per half hour periods, so you won’t be able to tweet all 2,400 in one go. The half hour limit is unknown for now. Retweets count towards the limit.
Direct Messages 250 per day
Changes to email address 4 per hour
Following 1,819  Above 1,819 you can follow this number +10%.
Number of Lists 1,000  You can only have 1,000 lists (this includes ones you have created and ones you follow) Before May 30th 2013 the max number of lists was 20
Number of people in a list 5,000  Before May 30th 2013 the max accounts per list was 500
Number of people you can follow 1,000 per day
How many people you can unfollow Unknown Twitter doesn’t state this, but you are likely to get banned if you unfollow people aggressively. I’d recommend sticking well under 400 unfollows per day.
Max Characters for biog 160
Twitter Header Image Size 1252×626 (also a max upload size of 5Mb)

Lastly do not post nude pictures on any of the platforms or else you will loose your account especially on Instagram....Please share your comments about this post below.


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