Monday, 19 January 2015

Top 8 Accessories Every Man Should Have in 2015

It is no longer news that how you dress is how you get addressed, neither is it news that women generally prefer the man who is well put together to the man who has his trousers at the hem of his boxers.
If it is the opposite for you, you need to check the women you associate with. Here are 7 accessories every 21st century man should own.

1)A decent wallet
You are probably thinking why is this on the list?. It is on the list because that torn 6 year old wallet with flaky leather  does not count as a wallet. I understand the wallet might have been a sentimental gift but when you bring out a tattered wallet on the first date with a new girl, it might just be the last date.
Lots of Nigerian men, still haven’t gotten into this. There is nothing sexy about smelly feet and that is what you get when your skin comes in contact for a long period with the material in your shoes. Socks also save you a lot of stress as it helps prevent feet bruising

Socks 3)Wristwatch
A nice wristwatch has and will always be sexy. It doesn’t have to be Chopard or Michael Kors for it to be nice, Casio & Komono make very nice watches for very affordable prices. is also a nice place to find affordable watches.

Komono watch 4)A tie
Suits are often plain, so ties are the way to spice things up. The trick with the tie asides getting the type and pattern right is to get the knot right. The most common knots are the four-in-hand, half-windsor, & full windsor knots.
You should also have bow ties.
Not your normal boring everyday cuff links, every man should own at least 2 pairs of unusual but nice Cufflinks
Sherlock Holmes Cufflinks
Sherlock Holmes Cuff links
Nigerians have fully bought into the sunglasses trend which is a good thing. The problem however is that we have one too many people walking around with the wrong shape of frames, and that is probably one of the most painful things to look at. Wayfarer sunglasses seem to be a good fit for many, hence for the man trying out sunglasses for the first time. I recommend wayfarer sunglasses.
Wayfarer sunglasses
Wayfarer sunglasses


The trick with this is to keep it simple. Avoid odd colours and buckles.

Salvatore Ferragamo Men's Classic Double Gancini Reversible Belt

Salvatore Ferragamo Men’s Classic Double Gancini Reversible Belt

8)Man bags
Yes, men can carry bags too. Man bags range from napsacks, to suitcases and messenger bags. Messenger bags are however the most common.

Messenger bags

Messenger bags
Here are other things that research has proven women like to see on their men, but I am not sure all Nigerian men are ready for all these items
*Neck Scarves
*A leather jacket


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