Thursday, 15 January 2015

Top 7 Stereotypes Of Igbos That Aren’t Always True

A Stereotype is simply a fixed idea, or image that many people have of a particular type of person or group but which is often not true in reality. Igbo is one of the ethnic groups in Nigeria and they occupy the south eastern part of Nigeria.

Igbos are highly influential in the country, significantly leading in the entertainment industry especially in Nollywood and other various sectors in the country. Over the years, Igbos are often held in bad light in the country and little of their positive attributes are ever magnified.
However, it is undeniable that Igbos are hardworking people and are risk takers which makes them astute entrepreneurs. They are peaceful people and they have a die-hard approach to life. This write up aims at debunking some of the negative myths about the Igbo people. Below are 7 stereotypes about Igbos:
1. Igbos Prefer Business to Education
There has been a misconception about Igbo people and business. Most people believe that Igbos don’t value education. They believe that Igbos pursue wealth and that they see business as a faster way of making money than education. That is not true; education is one of the priorities of Igbo people. You’ll seldom find an uneducated person in any Igbo family lately; even poor families would prefer to go without food as long as their children acquire quality education. This misconception perhaps originated from the fact that Igbos are influential to the economy of some states like Lagos state as long as entrepreneurship is concerned.

2. All Igbo Girls Are Lovers of Money
The concept of Igbo girls and money is another unproved myth in the country. Other non Igbo groups in Nigeria perceive Igbo girls as materialistic women who don’t react to love but to money. That is very untrue because Igbo girls actually value love and relationships more than money. Bad people are everywhere and that you had a hellish experience with an Igbo girl doesn’t mean all Igbo girls are the same. Nowadays, girls no longer focus on money in relationships, perhaps the equation of “marry a wealthy man and all your problems will be over” seems not to be effective any longer.

3. Igbos Are Excessive Migrants

Many people believe that more than half of Nigerians in the Diaspora are Igbos but that is not actually true. Though many Igbos allegedly dispersed to overseas after the Civil War but Igbos actually prefer to stay In-broad than to stay A-broad.

4. All Igbos Embrace Blood Sacrifice For Money
There has been a stereotype that Igbos can compromise anything to make money. Blood money, voodoo and diabolic acts may be a common trend in Nollywood films but in actuality, it’s not trending in Igbo land. Though blood sacrifice for money exists in Igbo land but the percentage of Igbos that indulge in it is only a fraction of the whole population of Igbos. In fact, Igbo people are very religious people and they shun anything that is unethical.

5. Igbos Are Into Advanced Fraud

Advanced fraud, also known as yahoo-yahoo or 419 has been a global concern and many western countries believe that Nigerians are fraudsters. Hence, people believe that the Igbos are the perpetrators of these internet scams but it’s yet to be proven. The truth remains that these Nigerian 419ers are not Igbos but Nigerians and empirically, only a handful of Igbos embrace and indulge in yahoo-yahoo.

6. Igbos Don’t Value the Code of Honour

It has been wrongly perceived that Igbos are disrespectful and that they do not honour authority. This stereotype was built up by other groups, perhaps because of their prostrate gesture of honour. Thus, honour is not outrightly evidenced by such gestures but by absolute obedience. Igbos are not always known for lying on the floor when they meet someone in authority and that doesn’t depict dishonor. Igbos value honour and they give it freely.

7. Igbos Are Not Peaceful People

No one actually knows where this misconception came from since conflict has been not just a national issue but a global issue. Igbo people are very friendly and welcoming. They see everyone as their brother and sister and they continuously invest their effort to see that peace reigns in the society. 


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